FashionistDoseThe New Frontier for Fashion

Go big or go home: FashionistDose will be your glitter way! Between style pills and overflowing wardrobes, we add that pinch of glamour that will make your brand sparkling.

Powerful storytelling and more

We design ironic digital storytelling for innovative companies. We invent, write and perform unconventional stories, making creative media content to express the full potential of the brand.

Lucia Del Pasqua, a creative mind.

Writer since the period of the diaries with lock, she wanted to invent a contraption to squeeze oranges. Then, she realized that it already existed!

Social addict since the beginning, she is the author of two books: “Quella certa dipendenza dal tasto online” and “Storie di felicità possibili”. She creates social content not only for herself and often has visions. People say that she is not (totally) crazy.

Unique opportunities for you

Combining style and personality, we make skills and millions of followers available to brand….to the out of stock!

Discounts, coupon and uniqueness

Do not miss the opportunity to activate an exclusive and customized campaign! Our community of influencers makes original and creative content, built around the identity and values of each company.

Authenticity First

We tell the world of fashion with an ironic and sarcastic gaze, without filters and without deceptions. Our campaigns are authentic and checked by a verified badge!

Quality skills

We know how to value products and we take advantage of our skills to increase the brand awareness. Our community does not follow a trend, it interprets it.